Hi, Welcome to my little world of Mandalas! :)

I'm Karishma Srivastava, a Mandala Artist and Educator based in Gaya, India. I've been drawing Mandalas for four years now and have taught a large number of people from around the world. I offer Online Courses and Practice Sheets that help people experience the calming and therapeutic effects of this beautiful form of art

My offerings

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Ornate Mandala Workshop: ₹3199
Learn how to create full page Ornate Mandalas from scratch with the help of detailed real-time videos and explanations. The sessions are pre-recorded which gives participants the flexibility to view the content and learn at their own pace. Students get personalised feedback at every stage on Qoohoo, an e-learning platform. By the end of the workshop, students would be able to create many other layouts on the basis of the lessons covered. Please read more for the topics and fee structure. ➡️Things covered 👉Stage 1 (Study of Design Elements) ▪️Study of Ornamental Elements likes Shapes & Motifs ▪️How to breakdown Complex Shapes into Simple Geometric Shapes ▪️How to draw Stylised Shapes with the help of geometric shapes ▪️Important points on smooth Line Work ▪️Warm-up Exercises on Lines & Shapes 👉Stage 2 (Rough Pencil Work) ▪️How to plan and compose both Ornate Shapes and Mandala together to create an Initial Layout. ▪️How to tweak the Initial Layout’s Size as per the Size of a Paper. 👉Stage 3 (Final Pencil Work) ▪️How to transfer the initial rough layout to another paper proportionately. ▪️How to tweak initial layout to create a visually balanced layout ▪️How to locate the Centre of Mandala to draw Grid at a later stage ▪️How to define rough pencil outline to get a final one 👉Stage 4 (Outlines with Fineliners) ▪️How to use Fineliners for smooth flow of lines ▪️Application of different Tip Sizes 👉Stage 5 ( Animal Figure Composition & Fillers) ▪️How to work on multiple shapes in a layout ▪️How to breakdown large shapes into smaller shapes ▪️How to add Grid to Organic Shapes ▪️Different Filler Options for Organic Shapes ▪️Application of different Tip Sizes for Fillers ▪️Dos and Don’ts of Fillers ▪️Imortant Tips and Tricks for Uniform and Precise Fillers 👉Stage 5 ( Mandala Grid & Fillers) ▪️How to add Grid to Mandala ▪️Types of Fillers for Mandala Grid ▪️Tips and Tricks for Uniformity and Precision 👉Stage 6 (Shading Techniques) ▪️Stippling ▪️Hatching ▪️Cross-Hatching 👉Stage 7 (Final Touches) ▪️Tips and Tricks to enhance overall Aesthetics
Mandala Pattern Course: ₹2700
Drawing Mandala Patterns is one of the most calming stages of creating a Mandala. While it could be a soothing experience, it can also be a little challenging for us to think, plan and execute our own ideas. That said, the 8-hour Comprehensive Course is packed with every information needed to create patterns from scratch with utmost precision. It has been carefully designed for people of all skill levels. Topics covered are- ▪️Square grid ▪️Primary Shapes ▪️Secondary Shapes ▪️Motifs (Ornate elements) ▪️How to brainstorm ideas for Fillers / approach to think, plan and execute ideas ▪️Secondary Fillers- Simple ▪️Secondary Fillers- Intricate ▪️Stand-alone Patterns ▪️Border Layouts & Composition ▪️Border Design ▪️Design Aesthetics ▪️15+ Printable Practice Sheets
Practice Sheets
Mandalas and Elements Worksheets (56 sheets): ₹2099/ $25.2 (discounted price)
Original Price: ₹2599/ 31.2$

▪️56 Sheets total
▪️Square Grid: 4 templates (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm)
▪️Lines: 5 sheets
▪️Shapes: 5 sheets
▪️Motifs: 4 sheets
▪️Fillers: 4 sheets
▪️Border Patterns: 8 sheets
▪️Cluster Patterns: 5 sheets
▪️Mandala Grid: 16 templates (6 circular, 5 semi-circular, 5 quarter)
▪️Mandala Outlines: 5 sheets

▪️Includes traceable elements and space for self-practice
▪️A4 size
▪️can be printed as many times as needed
Mandalas and Elements Worksheets (26 sheets): ₹1199/ $14.4 (discounted price)

▪️26 Sheets total
▪️Motifs: 4 sheets
▪️Fillers: 4 sheets
▪️Border Patterns: 8 sheets
▪️Cluster Patterns: 5 sheets
▪️Mandala Outlines: 5 sheets

▪️Includes traceable elements and space for self-practice
▪️A4 size
▪️can be printed as many times as needed
Set of 16 Mandala Grid Templates (A4 size): ₹525 / $6.3

Mandala Grid Templates
• 6 Circular Grids: 10°, 12°, 15°, 20°, 24°, 30° central angles
• 5 Semi-circle Grids: 10°, 12°, 15°, 20°, 24° central angles
• 5 Quarter Grids: 10°, 12°, 15°, 20°, 24° central angles
Set of 10 Mandala Outlines (A4 size): 475₹ / $5.7
Set of 5 Mandala Outlines (A4 size): 280₹ / $3.4

Kind words

Thank you Karishma. It was a very enriching experience with you. You were very patient in all classes. You never rushed me or hesitated to explain again n again...n you were very sweet with your reviews.I m glad I took these classes with you out of many other who r offering them on Instagram. Will stay connected n bother you in case of doubts

Veenus Verma

Thank you very much.
It was a great experience to join this course.
I have joined many different workshops before and I am myself a teacher. And I will tell you that you are doing a great work. Your methodology is very good and you take care of everyone very nicely.
Really a very good teacher!
Wishing you all the best,

Tilaka Tatiane Carvalho

Mam, it was a great experience with you. Thank you for enhancing my mandala drawing skills. I learnt a lot in this course. Your tips and techniques are really helpful to me for further mandalas. You are a very nice teacher. Your wonderful teaching made my learning easy and full of joy. I enjoyed your course very much. I once again thank you and request you guide me in my further Mandala arworks.

Jui Mhatre

Read about my journey

As an avid lover of Art & Design, I completed my Bachelor's in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories Design from NIFT, Hyderabad in 2013. After my graduation, I worked as a Jewellery Designer and Merchandiser in the diamond industry, Mumbai for about 5 years.
Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to leave the job I was passionate about.

My love for my work helped me hold pen and paper once again after almost 7-8 months.
I discovered my love for Mandalas when I actually drew one in Oct 2018 without knowing that it's an Ancient form of Art.
My first mandala was without the help of any geometry tools but it acted as a great stress-reliever for me. I found the process so relaxing that I started drawing it quite often.

A few days later on Nov 23, 2018, I created a page on Instagram to share my works. Little did I know then that the Art-form would pave a way for so many exciting opportunities a year ahead.
I announced my first workshop in Hyderabad in Sept 2019 for which I got an amazing response. Since then I got several other opportunities to conduct workshops, judge contests in different cities across the country.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, I had to switch to online classes from physical workshops. I launched my first Online Course in June 2022. Since then, it’s only got better by the grace of God.

As a mentor, I’m able to bring a positive change in the lives of people. The experience so far has been enriching, rewarding and fulfilling.
I’m living my passion and purpose today. Whatever I am and all that I hope to be, I owe it all to my parents and all those who have supported me in one way or the other.

I have nothing but gratitude. :)
The journey has just begun...

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My lovely students and their work

Courtesy: Jui Mhatre
Courtesy: Krupa Shah
Courtesy: Deekshitha Ameen